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Participation in football is a privilege, not a right that provides student-athletes with the opportunity to grow athletically, academically, emotionally, physically and socially.  All members must view athletic competition as an extension of the overall school experience and that athletic participation is a lifelong learning experience.  Good sportsmanship not only is required of athletes and coaches but of all persons who support and attend athletic-related events.  As members of the booster club, parents/guardians are expected to support the team through courteous behavior toward all participants, coaches, officials, staff, and fellow spectators at all times.  This same behavior is also expected during any booster club meetings or events.  Members who engage in inappropriate behavior are subject to immediate removal from any team event and event premises and restriction from attendance at future athletic-related events pending review by the school administrator.  Members who engage in inappropriate behavior at booster club meetings/events are subject to immediate removal from the meeting/event, restriction from attending future meetings/events and removal from the Club.

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